EA Nutritional Supplements

Why EA nutritional supplements?

Health foods or food ingredients also called “functional foods” are beneficial for health. Functional foods, beyond meeting the basic nutritional needs of the body, provide additional benefits to human physiology and metabolic functions, helping to prevent diseases.

They reduce the risk of becoming ill. In recent years, people have become more and more aware of healthy eating and the demand for health foods from consumers who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been increasing. Consumers expect health benefits from the food besides the nutrition.

Research on nutrition by means of developments in science and technology allowed discoveries of the impact of the food on health and longevity. Also the treatment costs of diseases are increasing. All of this has led consumers to look for new and better quality products. As a result functional food sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the food industry.

Having observed the results of the right production and these supplements personally, Eruğrul Akbay has seen  the delivery of these products to those who need them as a social responsibility project. Having experienced the benefits of using these nutrients by himself he decided to distribute these products under the brand of EA.

What is CO2 Extraction Method?

factory of vegan oil extraction

vegan oil extraction factory

EA food supplements are obtained from fruit core and seeds with supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction method. This procedure allows to obtain the extracted substance in a pure form since no solvents are used and there are no additives in it. To extract oils liquide carbon dioxide (CO2) is used and once the oil is obtained pressure is reduced. This way CO2 gains its gas form again and is released in to the air, without leaving any traces on the product.

The possibility of the removal of CO2 from the environment as a gas without leaving any  residual solvent in the extract, prevents formation of other undesirable by-products. This is the advantage of this method.

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